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The following results matched your search criteria:

1. Limehouse Reach.
*Limehouse Reach.An evocative depiction of lighters and barges in Limehouse Reach, by the landscape painter E Aubrey Hunt (1855-1922).
2. Life in the ocean representing the usual occupations of the young officers in the steerage of a British frigate at sea.
*Life in the ocean representing the usual occupations of the young officers in the steerage of a British frigate at sea.Midshipmen berthed in the gunroom, the part of the gundeck nearest the stern of a ship. This was their home, and in this cramped space they slept,...
3. London and the River Thames from One Tree Hill, Greenwich Park.
*London and the River Thames from One Tree Hill, Greenwich Park.View of London and the River Thames from One Tree Hill. This painting shows how Greenwich looked in the late 17th Century with the Royal...
4. Napoleon aboard the Bellerophon at Plymouth.
*Napoleon aboard the Bellerophon at Plymouth.The 'Bellerophon' was broken up at Beatson's shipbreakers at Rotherhithe in 1836. She is best known as the ship that took Napoleon into exile on St...
5. Nathaniel Bliss (1700-1764), fourth Astronomer Royal (1762-64).
*Nathaniel Bliss (1700-1764), fourth Astronomer Royal (1762-64).A graduate of Pembroke College, Oxford, Bliss went on to become rector of St Ebbe's Oxford in 1736 before taking over from Halley as Savilian...
6. Launch of HMS Augusta, Deptford 1771.
*Launch of HMS Augusta, Deptford 1771.Illustration of the launch of His Majesty's Yacht 'Augusta' as she comes down the slipway at Deptford.
7. King William Quadrangle, Greenwich Hospital.
*King William Quadrangle, Greenwich Hospital.The King William Quadrangle of Greenwich Hospital, with several Greenwich Pensioners as well as women and children. The jackets and tricorn hats were...
8. Joseph Miller, a Greenwich Pensioner.
*Joseph Miller, a Greenwich Pensioner.A head-and-shoulders portrait study of an elderly man in a woollen or cloth cap, wearing a jacket, waistcoat and stock. This is one of a series of...
9. King Charles II (1630-85).
*King Charles II (1630-85).A portrait of King Charles II (1630-85) by Sir Peter Lely. Charles II fled England in 1649 when his father was executed by Cromwell’s...
10. King Henry VII.
*King Henry VII.A portrait of Henry Tudor (1457-1509), who reigned as Henry VII (1485-1509). Henry's seizure of the throne in 1485 brought order to England after 85...
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