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The following results matched your search criteria:

1. The building of the Great Eastern: the starboard profile.
*The building of the Great Eastern: the starboard profile.Another of Robert Howlett's brilliant images of the construction of the 'Great Eastern'. Because of her huge size, she had to be built parallel to...
2. The building of HMS Thunderer.
*The building of HMS Thunderer.A scene from the construction of HMS 'Thunderer', the last ship built at Thames Ironworks. Here, workers are bending a hot ship frame on a massive...
3. The Brunner Mond Works in 1895.
*The Brunner Mond Works in 1895.Brunner, Mond & Co. opened their chemical works at Crescent Wharf in Silvertown in 1894. Orginally designed to produce soda crystals and caustic...
4. The bow of the Warrior at the Thames Ironworks.
*The bow of the Warrior at the Thames Ironworks.Work on the 'Warrior' began at the Thames Ironworks on 25 May 1859. The eventual cost of the ship to the Admiralty was £357,291 (nearly £17...
5. The burnt-out shell of Silvertown rubber factory.
*The burnt-out shell of Silvertown rubber factory.Silvertown was a prime target for bombing because of its docks and industries. Much of the area between North Woolwich and the Thames was destroyed,...
6. The cable passed from the works into the hulk lying in the Thames at Greenwich.
*The cable passed from the works into the hulk lying in the Thames at Greenwich.The completed transatlantic cable being transferred from the Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Company's works at Enderby's Wharf, Greenwich to...
7. The courtyard of the Thames Refinery.
*The courtyard of the Thames Refinery.The courtyard of Henry Tate's Thames Refinery in Silvertown. In the background, workers are unloading barrels of sugar from a waggon.
8. The coal store at Deptford Power Station.
*The coal store at Deptford Power Station.Deptford Power Station was built in 1889 by Sebastian de Ferranti, engineer to the London Electric Supply Corporation. It was the first genuine...
9. The catamaran Mercator under construction.
*The catamaran Mercator under construction.The catamaran 'Mercator' under construction at Cory's Barge Works in March 1970.
10. The Carpenters Department at Enderby's Wharf.
*The Carpenters Department at Enderby's Wharf.Enderby's Wharf was the home of the submarine cable works of Glass, Elliot and Company, formed in 1854. The firm amalgamated with the Gutta Percha...
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