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The following results matched your search criteria:

1. The Great Eastern under weight.
*The Great Eastern under weight.The full title of this print - one of a set - was 'The 'Great Eastern' under weight July 23rd (escort and other ships introduced being the...
2. The Great Eastern: launching the buoy.
*The Great Eastern: launching the buoy.The buoy being let down from the 'Great Eastern' to mark the spot where the cable was lost in the Atlantic Ocean. The position was 51° 25'N...
3. The Ionic (1959).
*The Ionic (1959).The Shaw, Savill & Albion Line's refrigerated cargo vessel 'Ionic' (1959, 11,219 GRT) in Galleons Reach in July 1965. The PLA tug 'Plateau'...
4. The Great Eastern under way.
*The Great Eastern under way.The 'Great Eastern' during her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. She is depicted here under escort by a number of smaller vessels including...
5. The Grampus Hospital ship lying off Deptford.
*The Grampus Hospital ship lying off Deptford.Edward William Cooke’s drawing of the ‘Grampus’ (1802), the former Royal Navy 50-gun ship used as the first Seamen’s Hospital...
6. The Godspeed at Greenwich.
*The Godspeed at Greenwich.On 30 April 1985 a replica of the 'Godspeed' departed London to begin her journey across the Atlantic in commemoration of the original voyage some...
7. The Golden Hind.
*The Golden Hind.The 'Golden Hind' (c.1570) was captained by Sir Francis Drake. Between 1577 and 1580 she circumnavigated the world and made vital discoveries before...
8. The Kare (1955).
*The Kare (1955).The Swedish freighter 'Kare' (1955) in the Millwall Docks in September 1963. She served many owners under different names until she was scrapped in...
9. The Loch Etive in Melbourne in 1888.
*The Loch Etive in Melbourne in 1888.The iron clipper 'Loch Etive' (1877, 1235 GRT) was built by Inglis for the Loch Line of Glasgow. She served the Australian wool trade for over 30...
10. The Registan (1966) in the Millwall Docks.
*The Registan (1966) in the Millwall Docks.The Strick Line's freighter 'Registan' (1966) in the Millwall Docks, c. 1970.
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