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The following results matched your search criteria:

1. The Cutty Sark (1869) in the East India Dock.
*The Cutty Sark (1869) in the East India Dock.The 'Cutty Sark' was launched in 1869. She was built of teak on an iron frame by Scott and Linton of Dumbarton, on the Clyde. The 'Cutty Sark' was...
2. The Corfu (1931) in the Royal Docks.
*The Corfu (1931) in the Royal Docks.The P&O liner 'Corfu' (1931, 14,251 GRT) in the Royal Docks in May 1961, about to sail to Japan to be broken up.
3. The Empire Star (1946) and Tasmania Star (1950).
*The Empire Star (1946) and Tasmania Star (1950).The Blue Star Line's 'Empire Star' (1946, 11,085 GRT) and 'Tasmania Star' (1950, 12,065 GRT) in the Royal Victoria Dock in August 1964. They were...
4. The Ferreira (1869) at the Albion Dock in 1921.
*The Ferreira (1869) at the Albion Dock in 1921.The 'Ferreira' (1869) in the Albion Dock, Surrey Commercial Docks, in November 1921. She was formerly the tea clipper 'Cutty Sark', which had been...
5. The New Zealand Star (1935).
*The New Zealand Star (1935).The Blue Star Line's 'New Zealand Star' (1935, 12,436 GRT) in the King George V Dock in July 1965. She was scrapped two years later. The tug...
6. The City of Pretoria entering the West India Dock.
*The City of Pretoria entering the West India Dock.The cargo vessel 'City of Pretoria' (1947) was built by Cammell Laird & Company for the Ellerman & Bucknall Steamship Company UK. Here she is...
7. The City of Port Elizabeth (1952).
*The City of Port Elizabeth (1952).The Ellerman Lines' 'City of Port Elizabeth' (1952) in October 1962. She could carry 100 first-class passengers on the service from London to South...
8. The Cathay and the Rhodesia Star.
*The Cathay and the Rhodesia Star.The P&O liner 'Cathay' (1961, 13,351 GRT) and the Blue Star Line's 'Rhodesia Star' (1948) in the Royal Albert Dock in April 1964. The 'Cathay' was...
9. The City of Durban (1954) entering the West India Dock.
*The City of Durban (1954) entering the West India Dock.The 'City of Durban' (1954) was built by Vickers Armstrong Ltd. Here she is entering the West India Dock. She was one of the last of the deep sea...
10. The City of Exeter and the Racia.
*The City of Exeter and the Racia.The Ellerman Lines' passenger vessel 'City of Exeter' (1953, 13,350 GRT) in the West India Dock with the tug 'Racia' (1938). The 'City of Exeter'...
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