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The following results matched your search criteria:

1. Reflector telescope.
*Reflector telescope.This portable reflector telescope is similar to the one used by Cook to observe the transit of Venus. The brass barrel is mounted on a brass pillar...
2. Reflecting circle.
*Reflecting circle.A reflecting circle was used to measure the distance between the moon and certain stars in the 'lunar distance' method of finding longtitude. This...
3. Pocket watch.
*Pocket watch.Owing to the rapidly developing railway and electric telegraph systems in 19th century Britain, the need for an accurate and comprehensive...
4. Penn and Son's Works.
*Penn and Son's Works.The Heavy Turnery at John Penn's marine engine factory, which opened in 1799. The first marine steam engine built here was in 1825. Penn's son...
5. Rolling ball clock.
*Rolling ball clock.A rolling ball clock made by Congreve of Woolwich. Sir William Congreve was a career soldier, a Royal Engineer and Chief Engineer to Sir Arthur...
6. Ship's compass, 1890.
*Ship's compass, 1890.This brass ship's compass was made in London in 1890 by the instrument maker G E Halls.
7. Station C - Rodriguez Island
*Station C - Rodriguez IslandThe Royal Observatory sent a party of astronomers to Rodriguez Island in the Indian Ocean to observe the 1874 transit of Venus.
8. Station B - Honolulu, Hawaii
*Station B - Honolulu, HawaiiThe Royal Observatory sent three parties to the Hawaiian (Sandwich) Islands in 1874, including one to Honolulu, to observe the transit of Venus
9. Station A - Egypt
*Station A - EgyptThe Royal Observatory sent three parties to Egypt in 1874 to observe the tansit of Venus
10. Penn and Son's Works.
*Penn and Son's Works.This photograph shows the foundry at Messrs Penn and Son's Works, based in Greenwich and Deptford. The John Penn marine engine factory opened in...
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