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The following results matched your search criteria:

1. Thames Watermen
*Thames Watermen
2. Thames Scene: a Thames barge drawn up on the river bank silhouetted against the sky.
*Thames Scene: a Thames barge drawn up on the river bank silhouetted against the sky.Thames barges were used for the transport of goods along the river and the south-east coast. They were designed to be able to move freely in shallow...
3. Thames watermen.
*Thames watermen.The watermen on the River Thames were responsible for the movement of goods and passengers. The Company of Watermen and Lightermen had been...
4. Thames Watermens' Regatta: the Chancellor near Hammersmith Bridge.
*Thames Watermens' Regatta: the Chancellor near Hammersmith Bridge.Watermen carried passengers across the River Thames. Here they are celebrating a Regatta near Hammersmith Bridge. With the growth of the port of...
5. Thames wherries, Richmond, by EW Cooke.
*Thames wherries, Richmond, by EW Cooke.The marine painter Edward William Cooke took an interest in local Thames river craft. He made a number of preparatory sketches of these...
6. Thames sailing barge, by WL Wyllie.
*Thames sailing barge, by WL Wyllie.Watercolour of a Thames barge, used as an illustration in Wyllie's book 'Marine Painting in Watercolour'.
7. Thames regattas and races
*Thames regattas and racesThames regattas and races
8. Ted Driscoll - first day at work.
*Ted Driscoll - first day at work.Ted Droscoll recalls his first day at work and the trust placed on him by his senior management.
9. Ted Driscoll - Abiding memory.
*Ted Driscoll - Abiding memory.Ted has fond memories of the social interaction among the dockers and their families. People worked, lived and relaxed together. The people also...
10. Ted Driscoll - Introduction.
*Ted Driscoll - Introduction.Ted began working for the PLA as a messenger boy. He later attended evening classes and eventually passed the entrance exam and was accepted as a PLA...
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