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The following results matched your search criteria:

1. The 1932 Greenwich Regatta.
*The 1932 Greenwich Regatta.Boats approach the finishing line at the Greenwich Regatta in 1932. The first Greenwich Regatta was held in 1787, and was one of the first major...
2. The Royal Hospital School cricket team, 1912.
*The Royal Hospital School cricket team, 1912.The Royal Hospital School Cricket Team of 1912. The surnames of some of the players are Schofield, Creasy, Hadley, Fox, Fulcher, Edds, Savage, Pope,...
3. The Royal Hospital School cricket team, 1913.
*The Royal Hospital School cricket team, 1913.The Royal Hospital School's cricket team in 1913. The names of the players are as follows: back row - Jones, Leary, Mr. T. Stevens, Slocombe, Sells,...
4. The spritsail barge Phoenician (1922).
*The spritsail barge Phoenician (1922).The spritsail barge 'Phoenician' (1922) under sail during the Thames Barge Race of June 1936. She was the winner in the Coasting Class.
5. The Suhaili passing Mark Brown's Wharf.
*The Suhaili passing Mark Brown's Wharf.Robert Knox-Johnston in the 'Suhaili' passing Mark Brown's Wharf in the Upper Pool. The 'Suhaili' was the 32-foot ketch in which Knox-Johnston...
6. The Suhaili in the Pool of London.
*The Suhaili in the Pool of London.Robert Knox-Johnston’s ‘Suhaili’ – the ketch in which he circumnavigated the world single-handed and non-stop – in the...
7. Sunset over Greenwich Reach.
*Sunset over Greenwich Reach.A beautiful sunset over Greenwich Reach, seen over the roof of the Curlew Rowing Club. The first regatta at which a "Curley" crew rowed, was held at...
8. Thames regattas and races
*Thames regattas and racesThames regattas and races
9. Thames Watermens' Regatta: the Chancellor near Hammersmith Bridge.
*Thames Watermens' Regatta: the Chancellor near Hammersmith Bridge.Watermen carried passengers across the River Thames. Here they are celebrating a Regatta near Hammersmith Bridge. With the growth of the port of...
10. The Thames Ironworks Football Club.
*The Thames Ironworks Football Club.Formed in 1895, Thames Ironworks Football Club changed its name to West Ham Football Club in 1900. This was after Arnold Hills, the Chairman of the...
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