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The following results matched your search criteria:

1. The Coloured Men's Institute
*The Coloured Men's Institute
2. The Destruction by Fire of the Houses of Parliament on October 16 1834.
*The Destruction by Fire of the Houses of Parliament on October 16 1834.A print of the disastrous fire of 1834. The Parliament Office, Painted Chamber, Library of the House of Commons, the House of Commons, the Speaker's...
3. The former Poplar Town Hall.
*The former Poplar Town Hall.The former Poplar Town Hall building in Poplar High Street. This is where the Rates Rebellion of 1921 took place. The Poplar councillors, led by...
4. The Japanese battleship Fuji (1894).
*The Japanese battleship Fuji (1894).The 12,512 tons battleship 'Fuji' was built at the Thames Ironworks, Blackwall, for the Japanese government. She was launched in 1894. Her sister...
5. The Abolition of the Slave Trade.
*The Abolition of the Slave Trade.Toward the end of the 18th century issues of religious humanity, radical political agendas and questions of economics came together to encourage...
6. Sir Thomas Rowe. From an original picture at Merchant Taylors Hall.
*Sir Thomas Rowe. From an original picture at Merchant Taylors Hall.Sir Thomas Rowe (1581-1644) was a City man by birth - a grandson on one side of a Lord Mayor of London, on the other of Sir John Gresham. As a young...
7. Ration book and clothing book.
*Ration book and clothing book.Food rationing began on 8 January 1940. Each person was allowed a specific mount of basic foods. Clothes rationing on points began in June 1941 and a...
8. Robert Saunders Dundas, FRS KT Viscount Melville.
*Robert Saunders Dundas, FRS KT Viscount Melville.Robert Saunders Dundas (1771 - 1851) was a politician, lawyer and First Lord of the Admiralty. Dundas was the only son of Henry Dundas (1742 - 1811),...
9. Ron Webb - Introduction.
*Ron Webb - Introduction.Ron started working in the East India Dock in 1950 after completing his National Service. Many of Ron's relatives were dockers before him, including...
10. The need for a reliable tax
*The need for a reliable tax
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