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31. Sir Christopher Wren.
*Sir Christopher Wren.A mezzotint of Sir Christopher Wren (1632-1723). Wren had a great impact on the growing city of London. He suggested that Greenwich should be the...
32. Perspective view of the Hospital at Greenwich.
*Perspective view of the Hospital at Greenwich.Greenwich Hospital was established in 1694 by Royal Charter for the relief and support of seamen and their dependents and for the improvement of...
33. Painted ceiling of the Queen's bedchamber, Queen's House.
*Painted ceiling of the Queen's bedchamber, Queen's House.In 1616 Queen Anne commissioned Inigo Jones (1573–1652), who had risen to fame as a designer of court entertainments and was appointed Surveyor...
34. Greenwich Hospital.
*Greenwich Hospital.The Royal Hospital for Seamen, Greenwich was founded by Queen Mary and William III in 1694 as a refuge for sick and elderly seamen. The buildings,...
35. Greenwich Hospital.
*Greenwich Hospital.Greenwich Hospital seen from the rigging of an unidentified vessel in 1978.
36. Greenwich Hospital.
*Greenwich Hospital.An early 19th-century view of Greenwich Hospital from the Thames. The crowded river scene includes barges, yachts, rowing boats and small ships.
37. Greenwich in the late 17th century.
*Greenwich in the late 17th century.This view of Greenwich from the top of the hill in the Royal Park shows the buildings as they would have been in the 1660s. The Queen's House was...
38. Greenwich Park.
*Greenwich Park.Created in 1433, Greenwich is the oldest Royal Park. This sketch by Francis Nicholson (1753-1844), shows the view from the top of the hill where the...
39. Horse Guards Parade.
*Horse Guards Parade.An aerial view of Horse Guards Parade with the River Thames and St Pauls in the background.
40. HMS Saint Andrew at sea in a moderate breeze.
*HMS Saint Andrew at sea in a moderate breeze.The 'St Andrew' was built at Woolwich by Christopher Pett in 1670 and was later renamed the 'Royal Anne' after rebuilding in 1704. She carried Sir...
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