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21. 'Spooner's Proteau views No 30. Greenwich Hospital, Changing to the Battle of Trafalgar'.
*'Spooner's Proteau views No 30. Greenwich Hospital, Changing to the Battle of Trafalgar'.'Protean views' are a table-top version of the 'diorama', which Daguerre brought to London as a public entertainment in 1821 but only later developed...
22. Study of lighters.
*Study of lighters.This study was painted by the well-known London-born sea-painter W. L. Wyllie. Wyllie often painted views associated with the Thames, and during the...
23. St Paul's Cathedral, London at sunset.
*St Paul's Cathedral, London at sunset.Edward William Cooke trained as an engraver, developing a meticulously accurate technique from an early age. Because of his detailed knowledge of...
24. Sketch for the fireplace in the Painted Hall.
*Sketch for the fireplace in the Painted Hall.This design commemorates George I landing at Greenwich from Hanover on his succession in 1714. The scene of the king borne on a triumphal car...
25. Sketch for the ceiling of the Painted Hall.
*Sketch for the ceiling of the Painted Hall.The Painted Hall was originally designed as a dining hall, but has been used as a museum, an art gallery and the resting place of Lord Nelson, during...
26. Shipping on the Thames by Greenwich Hospital.
*Shipping on the Thames by Greenwich Hospital.View of Greenwich Hospital from the river. The Thames is busy with a wide variety of vessels. To the right of centre a ceremonial barge makes its way...
27. Shipping on the river at Greenwich.
*Shipping on the river at Greenwich.Several vessels on the river Thames in front of the Royal Hospital Greenwich, which opened in 1714 to care for retired and injured seamen and their...
28. Shipping on the Thames.
*Shipping on the Thames.A busy river scene showing shipping on the River Thames. The artist emphasises the Custom House and other buildings on the City bank of the Upper...
29. Shipping on the Thames. Greenwich Royal Naval College in the distance from north east.
*Shipping on the Thames. Greenwich Royal Naval College in the distance from north east.The distinguished sea-painter W. L. Wyllie often painted ship portraits, and especially pictures of Navy battleships. The River Thames was a popular...
30. Sir Christopher Wren.
*Sir Christopher Wren.Christopher Wren was born in Wiltshire in 1632. He became the Gresham Professor of Astronomy in London in 1657, and later the Savilian Professor of...
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