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11. Portrait of the Britannia First Rate.
*Portrait of the Britannia First Rate.The first-rate man-of-war, 'Britannia', a 100-gun ship launched in 1682.
12. Progress of the works at Tower Bridge, February 1888.
*Progress of the works at Tower Bridge, February 1888.The Tower Bridge building site in February 1888, as depicted in the 'Illustrated London News'. The main task was to sink two shafts into the bedrock...
13. Prospect of Greenwich Hospital from the River.
*Prospect of Greenwich Hospital from the River.The Old Royal House where the Governer of Greenwich Hospital lived is at the entrance to Greenwich Park. The view is from a high perspective, and...
14. Racing, Thames
*Racing, ThamesWilliam Lionel Wyllie (1851-1931) was born into an artistic family. He is well-known as a great maritime artist, and the Thames was a popular...
15. Putney Bridge.
*Putney Bridge.A barge about to pass under Putney Bridge in west London.
16. Self portrait with parrot.
*Self portrait with parrot.James Thornhill (1675-1734), artist of the decorative Painted Hall in the Royal Naval Hospital, Greenwich became the first English-born artist to be...
17. Shipping off the Custom House, 1886.
*Shipping off the Custom House, 1886.Shipping in the Upper Pool in 1886. The vessels include a paddle steamer and a hay barge. The buildings on the north banks of the Thames include the...
18. Sketches for the west wall of the Painted Hall.
*Sketches for the west wall of the Painted Hall.Two studies for the design of the west wall of the Painted Hall in Greenwich Hospital, annotated by Thornhill. Both show Frederick, Prince of Wales,...
19. Sketch of barges on the Thames.
*Sketch of barges on the Thames.A sketch of barges on the River Thames. William Lionel Wyllie (1851-1931) painted, drew and etched themes related to the River Thames. He was one of...
20. Southwark Cathedral.
*Southwark Cathedral.A romantic view of the tower of Southwark Cathedral and the surrounding buildings. William Lionel Wyllie (1851-1931) is well-remembered for his...
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