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The following results matched your search criteria:

1. Ruins of a mosque on the beach at Jumbe la Mtwana, Kenya.
*Ruins of a mosque on the beach at Jumbe la Mtwana, Kenya.The 13th-century ruins of Jumbe la Mtwana lie about 50 km north of Mombasa. The mosque on the beach is one of two mosques discovered at the...
2. Royal visit to the Tiger and passage down the Thames to Sheerness and Chatham.
*Royal visit to the Tiger and passage down the Thames to Sheerness and Chatham.The royal visit to the 'Tiger' and passage down the Thames to Sheerness and Chatham. Graphite and grey wash drawing by Willem Van de Velde, The...
3. Roofs of London.
*Roofs of London.William Lionel Wyllie (1851-1931) was born into an artistic family. He is well-known today as a splendid maritime artist. He painted a number of...
4. Sailing vessels on the lower Thames.
*Sailing vessels on the lower Thames.W. L. Wyllie was born in London, but is most closely associated with Rochester and the Medway, and later with Portsmouth. He was born into an...
5. Scenes in London docks.
*Scenes in London docks.A selection of sketches by Cooke depicting scenes in the port of London. At the top of the page is a hulk - an old ship converted into a floating...
6. Shipping off the Custom House, 1886.
*Shipping off the Custom House, 1886.Shipping in the Upper Pool in 1886. The vessels include a paddle steamer and a hay barge. The buildings on the north banks of the Thames include the...
7. Self portrait with parrot.
*Self portrait with parrot.James Thornhill (1675-1734), artist of the decorative Painted Hall in the Royal Naval Hospital, Greenwich became the first English-born artist to be...
8. River scene showing barges and crane.
*River scene showing barges and crane.One of John Herbert Barnard Everett's (1876-1949) many scenes of the River Thames. This one shows barges being unloaded.
9. River scene on the Thames, possibly the Albert Dock.
*River scene on the Thames, possibly the Albert Dock.Wyllie was a renowned London-born seapainter. As well as marine paintings, Wyllie also painted ship portraits, and especially pictures of...
10. Putney Bridge.
*Putney Bridge.A barge about to pass under Putney Bridge in west London.
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