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1. 'Sir, during this week'.
*'Sir, during this week'.A letter written to The Times, signed ‘A lover of freedom’. The letter is highly critical of the tactics shown by the striking dockers...
2. Smuggling and its prevention
*Smuggling and its prevention
3. Ron Webb - trade unions.
*Ron Webb - trade unions.Ron Webb recalling his memories of being a trade union activist and the affect this had on the work he was given.
4. Ron Foley - Introduction.
*Ron Foley - Introduction.Ron worked in the docks from 1955 until 1986. For 25 years he was based at the West India and Millwall Dock complex before moving downstream to...
5. Robert Saunders Dundas, FRS KT Viscount Melville.
*Robert Saunders Dundas, FRS KT Viscount Melville.Robert Saunders Dundas (1771 - 1851) was a politician, lawyer and First Lord of the Admiralty. Dundas was the only son of Henry Dundas (1742 - 1811),...
6. Social investigation
*Social investigation
7. 'Still more important perhaps'.
*'Still more important perhaps'.John Burns explaining the significance of the victorious 1889 Dock Strike.
8. The Variola virus.
*The Variola virus.The Variola virus - the agent that causes smallpox. Since the late 1970s, the virus has been eradicated from the general public, and now exists only...
9. The Royal Escape close-hauled in a breeze.
*The Royal Escape close-hauled in a breeze.The 'Royal Escape' was a coasting collier previously known as the 'Surprise', in which King Charles II escaped to France after his defeat by Cromwell...
10. Striking sailors from the National Union of Seamen.
*Striking sailors from the National Union of Seamen.Striking sailors from the Victoria and Albert Dock branch of the National Union Seamen (NUS) marching with their banner. Labour relations remained...
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