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21. Royal Naval Museum, Somerset House.
*Royal Naval Museum, Somerset House.Somerset House was designed by Sir William Chambers and built between 1776 and 1801 to house government departments, especially those occupied by the...
22. Royal Victoria Gardens, North Woolwich.
*Royal Victoria Gardens, North Woolwich.The Royal Victoria Gardens in North Woolwich opened as the Woolwich Pleasure Gardens in 1851. They were close to the Royal Docks, and were the first...
23. 'Poll of Horselydown' sung by Mr Grimaldi, at Sadlers Wells (caricature).
*'Poll of Horselydown' sung by Mr Grimaldi, at Sadlers Wells (caricature).'Poll of Horselydown', a song from 1807 portraying the dangers that could await seamen in the port. It tells the story of a Captain Oakum, robbed...
24. Pewter tankard from the Admiral Hardy public house, Greenwich.
*Pewter tankard from the Admiral Hardy public house, Greenwich.A pewter pint tankard with the name of the public house ‘Admiral Hardy, Greenwich’ on the base. It bears the verification stamp of a...
25. Nelson's cot hangings of Chinese silk, partly worked by Lady Hamilton.
*Nelson's cot hangings of Chinese silk, partly worked by Lady Hamilton.This material was used for Nelson's bed. The background is Chinese silk, a luxury material which only the wealthy could afford. The design is of...
26. One Tree Hill, Greenwich.
*One Tree Hill, Greenwich.Pensioners and women walking up and rolling down the hill. Created in 1433, Greenwich is the oldest Royal Park. From the Park there are impressive...
27. Sheet music cover for 'Les Petits Matelots, Characteristic Rondo'.
*Sheet music cover for 'Les Petits Matelots, Characteristic Rondo'.An image used on the front cover of a piece of sheet music, showing the band of the Royal Naval Asylum with the audience around the training ship.
28. Sir Joseph Banks Bt. President, F.R.S.
*Sir Joseph Banks Bt. President, F.R.S.Banks was President of the Royal Society, and naturalist and patron of the sciences. When the Royal Society was successful in initiating Captain...
29. The Blue Belle iron cutter yacht.
*The Blue Belle iron cutter yacht.The full title of this print is 'Blue Belle Iron Cutter Yacht. Built by Messrs Ditchburn & Mares at Blackwall. Winner of the Royal Thames Yacht...
30. The Koh i Nor (1892).
*The Koh i Nor (1892).The pleasure steamer 'Koh i Nor' (1892) at the Old Swan Pier, by Cannon Street Railway Bridge. Alongside her is the 'Royal Sovereign'. Known to many...
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