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11. The Auckland Star (1958) and the Atlantic Cock.
*The Auckland Star (1958) and the Atlantic Cock.The Blue Star Line's 'Auckland Star' (1958, 11,799 GRT) entering the King George V Dock in April 1964, assisted by the tug 'Atlantic Cock'. The...
12. The El Argentino (1928) in the Royal Docks.
*The El Argentino (1928) in the Royal Docks.The Furness-Holder Argentina Line's cargo liner 'El Argentino' (1928, 9501 GRT) at the quayside in the Royal Docks in May 1931. She was sunk off...
13. The Jalarajan (1966) in the West India Docks.
*The Jalarajan (1966) in the West India Docks.The Scindia Steam Navigation Company's 'Jalarajan' (1966) in the West India Docks in October 1974. Built by Lithgow's on the Clyde, she was one of...
14. Tea party for Bermondsey children evacuated to Worthing.
*Tea party for Bermondsey children evacuated to Worthing.For many children, wartime evacuation was a life-enhancing, mind-broadening experience, leaving them with memories they treasure to this day. Others,...
15. Storm floods at Tate & Lyle, 1948.
*Storm floods at Tate & Lyle, 1948.The 1940s were a difficult time for Tate & Lyle. The company's London refineries were situated in one of the most heavily bombed areas of the...
16. Stainer Street Arch, Bermondsey.
*Stainer Street Arch, Bermondsey.During the Second World War, Bermondsey was the most heavily bombed place in Britain. The docks, warehouses, factories, railways and its proximity to...
17. Stanworth Street, Bermondsey, in 1950.
*Stanworth Street, Bermondsey, in 1950.Stanworth Street, Bermondsey, in 19950. The old terraces, destroyed in the Blitz, have not yet been replaced by new housing. Paradoxically, war time...
18. Repairing bomb damage on Beckton Road.
*Repairing bomb damage on Beckton Road.Travel during the Blitz was made difficult because the streets and roads were blocked by masonry, bomb craters and burst mains. The rail and...
19. Recovery of PLUTO: men winding up the pipeline.
*Recovery of PLUTO: men winding up the pipeline.The pipes forming PLUTO - the Pipeline Under The Ocean - were recovered after the war to retrieve the valuable lead they contained. This picture of...
20. Looking towards Tower Bridge and the fires in the docks.
*Looking towards Tower Bridge and the fires in the docks.The first heavy bombing of the docks came on the night of September 7, 1940. The huge pall of smoke billowing from the warehouses and docks could be...
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