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31. Ration queue on Walworth Road
*Ration queue on Walworth RoadDuring World War II, some goods such as bread, alcohol and tobacco were not rationed in order to keep up morale. As the war went on, even bread was...
32. PLUTO pipes laid out for winding on the drum.
*PLUTO pipes laid out for winding on the drum.The pipes for PLUTO - the Pipeline Under The Ocean - built to supply fuel directly to the Normandy beachheads. Over 1250km of pipeline was built. The...
33. Plaque commemorating the Bethnal Green Station disaster.
*Plaque commemorating the Bethnal Green Station disaster.On 3 March 1943, 173 people lost their lives in the worst civilian tragedy of the war at Bethnal Green Tube station. When the air-raid siren sounded...
34. Plaistow Triangle Camp.
*Plaistow Triangle Camp.West Ham always had high levels of unemployment, partly because of the presence of so many casual labourers working in the Royal Docks. In July...
35. Plaistow Triangle Camp.
*Plaistow Triangle Camp.A photograph of men who took part in the Triangle Camp, the protest colony set up by the unemployed at Plaistow in July 1906. Labour councillor...
36. The Lismore Castle (1891).
*The Lismore Castle (1891).The 'Lismore Castle' (1891) was a Castle Line passenger and cargo liner, and served the Southampton - South Africa route for a decade. After the...
37. The Minneapolis (1900).
*The Minneapolis (1900).The huge (13,443 gross tonnage) liner 'Minneapolis' (1900), built in Belfast for the American-owned Atlantic Transport Line. She operated on the...
38. The ruins of South Hallsville School.
*The ruins of South Hallsville School.The destruction of the South Hallsville School in September 1940 was one of the worst incidents during a war in which children were directly in the...
39. The ruins of the Woolworth's store on New Cross Road, Deptford.
*The ruins of the Woolworth's store on New Cross Road, Deptford.The V2 had a considerable psychological effect on Londoners as, unlike the V1 Flying Bomb, which made a characteristic buzzing sound, the V2...
40. The Empire Windrush.
*The Empire Windrush.The 'Empire Windrush' in 1948. In June of that year, she brought 492 Jamaican immigrants to Tilbury. They were the first of the many Caribbean...
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