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1. Sound recording of an account by a local report of the Stratford Express
*Sound recording of an account by a local report of the Stratford ExpressA local report of the Blitz in the Stratford Express.
2. Smoke from the bombed factories in Silvertown.
*Smoke from the bombed factories in Silvertown.A Luftwaffe photograph showing the damage done to the Silvertown factories during the first night of the Blitz. The Royal Albert, Victoria and King...
3. Sir Peter Parker Bt (1721-1811), Admiral of the Fleet.
*Sir Peter Parker Bt (1721-1811), Admiral of the Fleet.A full-length portrait of Admiral Sir Peter Parker showing him facing slightly to the left. He wears an Admiral's full-dress uniform of 1795-1812. He...
4. Southwark Air Raid Precautions  Mobile First Aid Unit.
*Southwark Air Raid Precautions  Mobile First Aid Unit.Five members of the Southwark Air Raid Precautions Mobile First Aid Unit. The unit would attend the scene of a bomb blast, where they would deal with...
5. 'Spooner's Proteau views No 30. Greenwich Hospital, Changing to the Battle of Trafalgar'.
*'Spooner's Proteau views No 30. Greenwich Hospital, Changing to the Battle of Trafalgar'.'Protean views' are a table-top version of the 'diorama', which Daguerre brought to London as a public entertainment in 1821 but only later developed...
6. St Mary-le-Bow Church.
*St Mary-le-Bow Church.St Mary-le-Bow Church in the City of London. This was the church with the famous 'Bow Bells'. Traditionally, only those born within the sound of the...
7. St Clement Danes Church.
*St Clement Danes Church.St Clement Danes Church now stands on an island between the Strand and Aldwych. A church has stood here since the 11th century, but the present...
8. Shelters on Parkstone Road, Peckham.
*Shelters on Parkstone Road, Peckham.In March 1940 the government began to construct communal shelters designed to protect around fifty people living in the same neighbourhood. Made of...
9. Seige of Oporto.
*Seige of Oporto.During the Napoleanic Wars Portugal was invaded by the French. The Portuguese royal family and court to flee across the Atlantic to Rio de Janeiro,...
10. River procession
*River procession
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