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21. The filling in of the London Docks.
*The filling in of the London Docks.The London Docks were the first to be closed in 1969, before for the plans for redeveloping 'Docklands' had taken shape. The site was neglected until...
22. The Hermitage Basin, London Docks.
*The Hermitage Basin, London Docks.The Hermitage Entrance opened in 1821 and gave lighters and smaller vessels an alternative to using the larger Wapping Entrance. The entrance closed...
23. The Limehouse Basin.
*The Limehouse Basin.Looking west into the Limehouse Basin, the former Regent's Canal Dock. Once a small dock linking the Regent's Canal with the Thames, this has now...
24. Staples Rents, Paradise Street, c. 1935.
*Staples Rents, Paradise Street, c. 1935.A lady leans against her door in Staples Rents, off Paradise Street in Bermondsey, c.1935. This was a grim terrace typical of much working-class...
25. Stanworth Street, Bermondsey, 1957.
*Stanworth Street, Bermondsey, 1957.Stanworth Road Bermondsey, in 1957. Bermondsey struggled to recover from the damage inflicted during the Blitz.
26. Queuing for the Woolwich Ferry.
*Queuing for the Woolwich Ferry.Lorries and cars queuing at the southern approach to the Woolwich Ferry. Originally built for foot passengers and occasional vehicles, the ferry now...
27. Quiloa.
*Quiloa.Kilwa was first settled by Arabs and Swahili in the 12th century. By the 14th century Kilwa was minting its own coins and boasted a dramatic...
28. Rathbone Street Market, Canning Town.
*Rathbone Street Market, Canning Town.Rathbone Street Market packed with stalls and people. It was demolished not long afterwards.
29. Reclamation of the London Docks.
*Reclamation of the London Docks.The reclamation of the London Docks in 1981.The basin is being infilled in stages. Housing now covers most of the site.
30. Princess Marie Louise at the Gill Street May Festival in 1921.
*Princess Marie Louise at the Gill Street May Festival in 1921.Princess Marie Louise attending the Gill Street May Festival in June 1921, to raise funds for the East London Hospital for Children. Since the...
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