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1. The courtyard of the Thames Refinery.
*The courtyard of the Thames Refinery.The courtyard of Henry Tate's Thames Refinery in Silvertown. In the background, workers are unloading barrels of sugar from a waggon.
2. The Council Chambers of Bermondsey Town Hall.
*The Council Chambers of Bermondsey Town Hall.The ornate Council Chamber in Bermondsey Town Hall. It was destroyed by a V1 flying bomb in 1944.
3. The drawing room of Crowley House, Greenwich.
*The drawing room of Crowley House, Greenwich.This view inside Crowley House looks westward in the abandoned first-floor drawing-room, which commanded fine views of the river from Deptford to...
4. The East India Dock Basin.
*The East India Dock Basin.The entrance basin is the only intact part of the former East India Docks complex. It has survived relatively unscathed, and has been transformed...
5. The East India Import Dock.
*The East India Import Dock.Most of the Import Dock has been filled in since it closed in 1967, but a small part of the dock has been retained as an attractive water feature...
6. The Cities of London & Westminster.
*The Cities of London & Westminster.This view of London and Westminster, dating from March 1809, was "accurately copied from the table of the Camera Obscura in the Royal Observatory at...
7. The Townsville Star and the Melbourne Star.
*The Townsville Star and the Melbourne Star.The Blue Star Line's 'Townsville Star' (1957, 10,632 GRT) and 'Melbourne Star' (1948, 13,179 GRT) in the Royal Docks in August 1964. They were...
8. Surviving part of East India Dock wall.
*Surviving part of East India Dock wall.Like London’s other major docks, the East India complex was originally surrounded by a high wall to protect the goods. Unusually, this part of...
9. Terraced houses on Rotherhithe Street.
*Terraced houses on Rotherhithe Street.Late-Victorian terraced housing on Rotherhithe Street, the main road leading from Bermondsey to the Surrey Commercial Docks, c. 1930.
10. Terraced housing in Rotherhithe Street.
*Terraced housing in Rotherhithe Street.A terrace of houses in Rotherhithe Street, 1929. At this time, the street ran right round the Rotherhithe Pensinsula, almost parallel with the...
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