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1. The Shakespeare (1876) in the Surrey Commercial Docks.
*The Shakespeare (1876) in the Surrey Commercial Docks.The three-masted Finnish barque 'Shakespeare' (1876) in the Surrey Commercial Docks in July 1929. Launched at Liverpool, she passed into Norwegian...
2. The Seringapatam, East Indiaman, 1000 tons.
*The Seringapatam, East Indiaman, 1000 tons.The 'Seringapatam' was built at Green's yard at Blackwall in 1837. These so-called Blackwall Frigates superceded the slower East India Company's...
3. The Schwan (1907).
*The Schwan (1907).The Argo Line vessel 'Schwan' (1907) in 1934. Before World War I, the Argo Line ran a regular service between Bremen and Hamburg and London. The...
4. The Silvertown (1873).
*The Silvertown (1873).The cable-laying ship 'Silvertown' (1873) belonged to the India Rubber Gutta Percha & Telegraph Works Company. She was built as the 'Hooper' and...
5. The South Africa Star (1943).
*The South Africa Star (1943).The Blue Star Line's 'South Africa Star' (1943, 8529 GRT) in the Royal Albert Dock in July 1965. Built at Seattle-Tacona as the escort carrier USS...
6. The Sunrip (1954) at the Millennium Mills.
*The Sunrip (1954) at the Millennium Mills.The 'Sunrip' (1954) at Spiller's Millennium Mills in the Royal Victoria Dock. These mills were among the largest in London, and processed huge...
7. The Suffolk (1857).
*The Suffolk (1857).The 'Suffolk' (1857, 953 GRT) was launched at the Money Wigram & Sons Yard at Blackwall. She was a three-masted sailing vessel made of sheathed...
8. The Steendieu (1957).
*The Steendieu (1957).The freighter 'Steendieu' (1957) at the Free Trade Wharf in the Lower Pool.
9. The Saphir (1897).
*The Saphir (1897).The Antwerp-based short sea steamer 'Saphir' (1897), owned by the Societe Anonyme de John Cockerell of Liege. John Cockerell, the son of a Lancashire...
10. The Royal Odyssey (1964) at Tilbury.
*The Royal Odyssey (1964) at Tilbury.The Lido Maritime Inc's passenger cruiser 'Royal Odyssey' (1964) alongside the Tilbury Passenger Landing Stage in 1982.
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