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Mrs Rose (Mum)


Grammar Glossary

Grammar glossary: what words do

Life gets brighter for Mrs Rose
Factory chimneys
View full size imageFactory Chimneys

There are tall factory chimneys near the house.
The smoke from the chimneys is dirty. The dirt settles on the houses in Little Thames Street. Mrs Rose cleans the house. Cousin Edith helps her.

They put on long aprons. Edith sweeps the floors. Mrs Rose shakes the rugs. Edith scrubs the floor. Mrs Rose cleans the windows. Edith washes the curtains, and hangs them out to dry. Mrs Rose polishes the furniture and dusts the ornaments.

Objects from a dresser
View full size imageFrom a dresser drawer

Mrs Rose and Edith are tired. They sit down in the kitchen. ‘I'll make some tea,’ says Edith. Mrs Rose puts a brown velvet cloth on the table. She pulls a drawer out of the dresser. She puts the drawer on the table. ‘I'll tidy this old drawer,’ she says.

The drawer is full of bits and pieces. There is sealing wax and string, candles, postcards, cotton reels, some old souvenirs from Grandad’s Navy days, a paper fan and an odd glove.

Steam ticket
View full size imageSteam ticket

‘Look, there's something stuck at the back,’ says Edith. She pulls it out. It is a small piece of card, with printing on it. It is grey and dusty. ‘It's an old ticket for a boat trip on the river. Look at the date on the ticket. It's 20 years old, but it's never been used.’ says Edith, ‘Someone missed the trip.’

‘I didn't know the ticket was there,’ says Mrs Rose. ‘It must be my sister's ticket. I thought she had gone on the trip. There was an accident. This was before you were born. The steamer sank. We never saw my sister again. We thought she had drowned.’

Two paddle steamers
View full size imageTwo paddle steamers

‘Don't cry, Aunt Harriet,’ said Edith. ‘Your sister didn't use this ticket. She wasn't on the boat, and she didn't drown. So I have another Aunt, just like you. I wonder where she is now?’


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Grammar Glossary

Grammar glossary: what words do

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