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Mrs Rose (Granny)


Grammar Glossary

Grammar glossary: what words do

Granny gets a letter
Labert kitchen range
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Granny gets up late in the morning.

When Granny gets up, she sits by the stove in the kitchen. It is warm by the stove.

Granny likes an old-fashioned breakfast. She lights her pipe. Margaret pours her some porter from a jug.

Today, at 7.30 am, the postman knocks on the street door of 27 Little Thames Street. Margaret opens the door.

‘Letter for Mrs Maria Rose,’ says the postman.
‘It's for your Gran. The postmark is from Hartlepool.’

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‘Then it’s from Aunt Maud,’ says Margaret. She takes the letter into the kitchen.

‘Read it for me, please,’ says Granny, ‘because I haven't got my glasses.’

Margaret reads aloud. ‘Dear Mother and Father,
I was glad to have news of you all from Scott last week, when the City of Middlesborough got back from London. I hope he gave you the Waugh’s liniment I sent for your arthritis.

View full size imagePostcard

Thank you for giving Scott that Muir’s ointment from Beckenham. His hands were really bad with the cold, but they are better now.

The herring fleet came in last week. There were a 100 fishing boats in the harbour. The women were there too, to gut the fish. Each had her knives and her baskets. Every pub was full of fishermen. Most of them are all right but there was some fighting. I stayed clear of that, you can be sure. There was dancing on the quay, with a concertina. Alex and I joined in the dancing.

A Book of Recepies
View full size imageA Book of Recepies

Our David is 13 now. He wants to go to sea, like his brother Scott.
Alex took David to see the skipper of the Star of the Sea. The skipper has taken David on as cook. David has never boiled an egg before, so I gave him a cookery lesson.I made him write out my recipe for suet pudding. I hope he will do a good job as a cook.

We all send our love to Father, and to George and Harriet and all the children. Your loving daughter, Maud.’

Margaret read to the end of the letter; ‘Thank you dear,’ said Granny. ‘Now fetch me my boots.’

Granny got up from her chair slowly. She went into the yard to feed the rabbits, which she kept there in wooden hutches. Granny keeps the best lop-eared rabbits in Little Thames Street, and she makes the best rabbit stew.


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Grammar Glossary

Grammar glossary: what words do

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