Wage increases for lads and workmen
Wage increases for lads and workmen.
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Edith did well to earn threepence an hour for sewing. If she compared her pay to the weekly wages of the council's workmen, she would have to reckon on a 55-hour week. Ten hours a day at threepence an hour would give her two shillings and sixpence a day. Five full days from Monday to Friday would make 12s 6d. A half day on Saturday would add one shilling and threepence making a total of 13s 9d. So Edith was earning about the same as an orderly boy or yard boy, and less than a stable boy. In 1901, a person could eat for a week on 2s 6d. A wage of a pound a week would give a single person a reasonable standard of living. Thirty shillings a week was enough to support a small family. But many people earned less than this. Many families could not pay their rent or buy enough food without going into debt.
Minutes of the proceedings of the council of the Metropolitan Borough of Greenwich 1901

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