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The state funeral of Lord Nelson, 5-9 January 1806

Nelson's tomb

Illustration of Nelson's Coffin.
View full size imageNelson's highy elaborate coffin was placed in a tomb.

Final resting place

Nelson's gold-encrusted coffin was placed in an ornate tomb in the crypt beneath the dome of St Paul's.

Nelson's tomb in the crypt of St. Paul's.
View full size imageNelson's tomb in the crypt of St Paul's Cathedral.

Naval graves

The tomb is now surrounded by the graves of many other naval officers.

These include the grave of his close friend and second in command at Trafalgar, Vice-Admiral Collingwood.

Every year, the Cathedral holds a special 'Sea Service' on the Sunday closest to Trafalgar Day, when wreaths are laid at Nelson's tomb. 

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