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Convoy arriving off St Anthony's Lighthouse, Falmouth, by John Platt.Convoy arriving off St Anthony's Lighthouse, Falmouth, by John Platt.
St Anthony's Lighthouse, Falmouth.

© National Maritime Museum, London

Repro ID: BHC1664
Title: Convoy arriving off St Anthony's Lighthouse, Falmouth, by John Platt.
Description: Falmouth saw considerable activity during the Battle of the Atlantic in 1942-43, as there was a naval base on Beacon Hill. Saint Anthony's Head Lighthouse, situated at the eastern side of the entrance to Falmouth Harbour, warns ships of the Black Rock in the centre of the channel into Falmouth Harbour and of the Manacles, the rocks south of the harbour entrance. In the background to right and left is the harbour of Falmouth with shipping. On the left a corvette forms the rear of the escort to an Atlantic convoy of merchantmen. They are in a line in the distance to the right, the nearest with its stern visible as it approaches the harbour, accompanied by a tug on the left. To the left, a launch in front of the corvette is sailing in the opposite direction towards the mouth of the harbour and the open sea. Both the corvette and the lighthouse are painted in camouflage colours. Barrage balloons hover in the sky above the town of Falmouth. A large bell, serving as a fog signal, hangs from the tower of the lighthouse which also flies the Trinity House flag. Two signallers have been positioned on the balcony, and on the right an army patrol prepares to descend the steps towards the lighthouse.
Creator: John Platt
Date: 1942
Credit line: National Maritime Museum, London

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